Our Process

At Spartan Home Inspection, our process is designed to be as convenient and thorough as possible. We use the most modern tools and technology available to ensure no stone is left unturned during your inspection. The technology we employ provides the added benefit of ensuring you receive your inspection report as soon as possible, giving you more time to make an informed decision during your option period! In most instances, you will have your report within an hour after the inspection, and NO LATER than the next day.

Some of the tools we use during our inspection include:

  • Drone

    This allows us to view areas that might be otherwise inaccessible, such as very high or very steep roofs, or roofs that are made of materials that should not be walked on, such as tile.

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Sometimes when a home is being prepared for sale, a fresh coat of paint is applied over areas that have been damaged due to water leaks. This paint can allow leaks to hide from the naked eye, but not from a thermal camera. This Thermal Imaging Camera will detect not only water leaks but also missing or inadequate insulation, electrical issues, or HVAC leaks.

  • Ziplevel Pro 2000

    This is a very precise tool that is used to measure across your foundation in all directions and will detect the slightest indications of movement.

We believe the technology and tools we use truly separate us from the average home inspection. We go above and beyond the minimum requirements for a home inspection every single time. When hiring an inspector for one of the largest purchases of your life, do you feel comfortable with an inspector who shows up with only a ladder, flashlight, and clipboard?

We also encourage all of our clients to attend our inspection. This gives us time to explain our inspection process, point out and discuss any issues we discover, and answer all of your questions! We will also discuss maintenance issues you can perform yourself to avoid possible costly repairs, and explain the function and performance of the major systems in your home.

If you ever have any questions after your inspection, please feel free to give us a call; we will always go out of our way to help you, even long after your inspection!